The Tales of a Wandering Jewess

Simply a sassy little half Jew, with a pen in my right hand and a donut in the other, I'm dragging you along in a sea of short stories about my life.


Looking for jobs in Charlotte. Beyond ready to try something new. Two-three years is also officially about the maximum I can handle one place. And even though I haven’t even had any job prospects yet, it helps having the hope of moving eventually.

Where will I be geographically happy? I may never know but I am glad Cain has accepted this weird journey as well.


I haven’t taken enough risks or quit enough jobs or worked in enough new/uncomfortable environments or challenged myself enough.

I envy those who see the superfluous nature of the everyday job and take opportunities with no hesitation.

What if I didn’t go home?

To be so near to what I want and so far from home is confusing. Currently everything is doable with a slight abandonment of conventional responsibility. I’ve never felt so confident in the uncertain and so bewildered by current reality.

The world is vast, with newness abounding. They’d forget my irresponsibility in a months time, but will my consequences proceed past purgatory?

"Fuck it," I think: it may simply be a resume reference I’m losing.

"Well, uh, normally I don’t rent to couples but uh, I like you guys."

Well, it happened. Ricky and I found a place, and an amazing one at that. An 100-year-old colonial home turned into a twelve unit apartment which holds basically all of the qualities Cain and I had been envisioning.

It was the first place we looked at actually, but I knew as soon as we started driving through the historic, quiet neighborhood filled with lush foliage I was going to love this apartment. The apartment is very regal looking from the outside with a dark red brick and pillars on the front entrance. It is surrounded by huge, old, Southern homes.

Randy, the landlord and owner, showed the apartment to us. When we first walked into the apartment both Cain and I were silently thinking “Boobs!” The current tenant had a huge painting of a topless girl in her living room. I know Ricky and I were both dying to say something juvenile, haha! After getting over the initial shock of “oh-we-are-looking-at-boobs-with-someone-we-literally-just-met” emotion, we were both blown away by how perfect this apartment was. Immaculate wood floors, an abundance of windows which meant lots of natural light, a French door closet in the living room, and to my ultimate joy WHITE, WINDOW KITCHEN CABINETS (If you do not know all my interests extremely well, you must realize I am obsessed with white kitchens). Not only were the cabinets perfect but there were white pillar cabinets in the entrance of the kitchen as well (another A+ for Meg taste). It would have been an understatement to say I was ready to commit then.

Now Randy, even before meeting him, had proven himself to be a little on the quirky/airhead side. Once when speaking to him on the phone he had forgotten his number for a few seconds. Then that morning I had called to confirm the appointment and he told me he thought it was the next day. I was expecting some 70-year-old curmudgeon of a man to meet us, but instead Randy turned out to be a squirrely, starting-to-grey, wiry, around 50 or so, man. Arriving in a Land Rover, dressed in a windbreaker/rain jacket, jeans, and probably wearing Keen shoes, he timidly said “Hi, I’m Randy.”

So we looked at the apartment, fell in love, explained to Randy we still needed to look at other places (even though I was ready to move into that place that very moment) and asked if there was an application we could take along.

“Oh, I don’t have an application. If I like you guys then you are good.”

Then he proceeded to say, “Uh, I don’t normally rent to couples, but uh, I like you guys.”

Cain and I had to restrain ourselves from laughing at Randy’s flightiness. We were somewhat hesitant to rent from someone so absentminded. We have had to deal with some uncertainty due to this fact, but in the end everything worked out and I know Randy did a great deal of negotiating with other tenants to get us a place with the right timing.

We viewed a few more places that day but nothing held up to the first one.

Cain finds out on Saturday if we are getting a third floor unit or first floor (Oh dear God, please let it be the first floor). He also gets the keys as well. Today is 39 days until I move.

And here it is.

our new home


more than two states away is frustrating due to the lack of control I have over things, ha. I only have one week in North Carolina to look at places which is scary to me, even though I know things will work out. If we don’t find a place that week, Ricky lives only an hour and a half away and can continue to look at places. We also have already contacted some people and have found some promising places.

The time is upon us, though, and these next few months are going to fly by.

  • 11 days until I fly down there to apartment shop
  • Hopefully during those days a lease will be established and a deposit put down
  • 2 1/2 months until we move (if all goes swimmingly)
  • August 5 is my available start date at a Starbucks in Asheville

Then I will be residing in the mountainous, friendly, beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.

It is exactly one month

until I fly down to North Carolina and Cain and I go on the hunt for a place to live in Asheville.

It is three months until (if all goes as planned) we move.

I cannot believe how quickly this year has passed. After working my bum off to graduate college and move on with my life, it is finally happening: I am moving out of the Midwest and starting a new page and adventure in life with one of the most positive/amazing people I have known.