The Tales of a Wandering Jewess

Simply a sassy little half Jew, with a pen in my right hand and a donut in the other, I'm dragging you along in a sea of short stories about my life.

I know it’s time to leave the house when I start to see Audrey Hepburn staring at me.

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Mad Men


Mad Men

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You’ll pry my Oxford comma from my cold, dead, and lifeless hands.

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Étienne Charry - The Rest Of My Life

the rest of my life by étienne charry

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Anonymous said: Jewish (obviously), family oriented, straight. Somewhat insecure, academic. You spend a lot time trying to plan the future. You used to hate your freckles. Your second toe is longer than your big toe. Finding words to articulate your feelings comes easy, but you still have trouble saying them.

Very very accurate, except for my second toes hahaha and I love my family but I never want my own family aka kids. Anonymous, you must know me.

I wanna know what people assume about me because of my tumblr.


Put an assumption in my ask. I’ll confirm or dispute it. I’m not gonna be mean or anything, I’m just very interested. You can go anon if you want.

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